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Hi, I'm Raegan. I help brands tell their story.

The Caption Girl® Story

It all started with a need and passion to share.

To share stories, share expertise and share experiences.

The inception of my personal brand started out as an extension of me and my background in communications  - as a personal brand coach, communications consultant, innovator and avid marketer, my personal brand represents these communications skills holistically.
I get asked this question a lot, "What does the Caption Girl mean?" “Who or what does it represent?”

Well, let's get into it. 🤓

When I think of The Caption Girl as my personal brand and business, I think of not only enlightening and guiding my clients about good Public Relations practices, but also, helping them each day to write and share their brand's story.

Envisioning their brand and putting life into the process with my words is my everyday goal.

My journey started off with writing social media captions for businesses. But now, I tell all kinds of stories, proofread copy and cultivate brand voices. The list has become pretty extensive!
Needless to say, The Caption Girl story is far from finished.

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Introducing my official podcast!

“In All Her Grace” is a podcast about everything and anything for the entrepreneurial minded woman. A journey of faith mixed in with hilarity from my everyday life

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Client Testimonials

It was great working with Raegan :) She definitely knows what she is doing and is very patient. Even though we had a few hiccups, she ensured that my needs were met and remained professional at all times. Highly recommend The Caption Girl
~ Keleisha Carter - Carter's Creative Solutions
Thank you again for taking the time out to consult me and give me the motivation I needed as a head-start for my business! I appreciate the useful tips, insights and information that you gave and I will do my very best to apply them to my business strategy.
~ A Grateful Young Entrepreneur, Tenajaa-Kay Collins
Another great online seminar series expounding the importance of honing one's customer service skills as an integral part of personal branding.
~ Cheryl Green
Thanks for inviting me to the session. I found it to be very informative; to the point and precise. The information shared will definitely help me to establish my personal brand and kick start my business in the direction that I want. I absolutely recommend these sessions for other business owners
~ Shanice Morris - The Essential Chic