March 21, 2022
Episode 1

Episode 1 - In All Her Grace - The Beginning

This is the beginning of the In All Her Grace podcast series. The beginning of something amazing.

Episode Script

Hi everyone, My name is Raegan Daley. I'm an entrepreneur, communications consultant, turned podcaster, recent MBA graduate amongst other really cool things. But labels are boring. I am an all-rounder in many ways.

I get called "The Caption Girl," pretty often, it is a moniker that describes my professional journey  and career thus far, as I started off writing compelling social media captions and now manage client's on a daily basis with all their PR & Marketing needs. But that's mostly the mundane stuff. 

Let's get into why I started this podcast. 

I have a lot going on any given day, I've led a very interesting journey and recently stumbled into, a path I created for myself towards walking in grace. I accepted God as my Lord and Saviour in the summer of 2021 and I'm here to tell you just how much trusting God changed my life forever. It changed the way I do business, the way I work, who I work with, my process and of course my relationships.

Loving God wont be the focus of my episodes, but you'll begin to see this theme surfacing and resurfacing as we talk through everything and as I SHARE more and more with you. This is my likkle space and I hope you find peace here too. There's more than a lot to this journey and I cant wait to share it all.

And so, without further ado, welcome to the very first episode of my podcast "In All Her Grace."

If you're here, listening and tuned in.. then I'm honored.

This podcast idea and concept emerged as a result of a direct need. A need for me to voice my journey married with balancing faith. And faith, as you may know can tend to go missing as we carry out our daily tasks and as we live our unprecedented lives. I'm sure that whether you're a man or woman, you'll benefit from listening and I want you to! Although, I'm here to really tap in with other women in business and their journeys too.

On this podcast, we're going to get really vulnerable, really creative with our thoughts and hopefully laugh alot. My goal is to make each episode inspiring, funny & worthwhile. I want to laugh at myself, laugh with you, and hopefully make you laugh too. This podcast will be for those women who belive their faith can move mountains and who aren't afraid to use adversity, mistakes and even dismay to channel their [what's NEXT] moment.

I'm going to be willing to share messy parts of me, parts of me that scared me, scarred me, but ultimately made me who I am today. A woman, an entrepreneur, a daughter, a sister - In all her grace and the story of how God's grace rewrote my story in so many ways.

We'll touch on just about everything I'm sure. I want this podcast to feel .. kinda like home for you, again my "likkle" space and yours too.

That's all for now. This is... In All Her Grace

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