March 21, 2022
Episode 7

Episode 7- The world of Marketing & roles - A business perspective

In this episode, I talk about the disconnect between what is expected of those persons in this field versus, what their skillsets actually are.

Episode Script

Hello in all her grace fam 

welcome back to the podcast we’re really powering through season one because there are just about three episodes left after this one I really can’t believe that I’ve stuck out with recording as much as I anticipated I would I think forming good habits really just take consistency and while this isn’t really considered a habit but more of a passion project it’s showing me that I can show up for things and prove myself right

On this episode we’re going to be talking about a niche environment in business some like to refer to this as the marketing department it’s probably the most crucial instrumental aspect of business because it helps show what a business is all about promotes it advertises it and speaks to people about product or service at hand however in a lot of instances marketing costs are sometimes the first to go because big businesses think that it might be best to cut marketing instead of maybe operations or manufacturing it all just depends on the nature of the business but as long as I’ve been in business I’ve always heard that marketing is the first to go.

In fact while I wouldn’t say I’m a marketing person and more of a content/PR person I don’t understand the world of marketing very well because I’ve definitely had to fill those roles regardless of my particular expertise and while I don’t mind it I think it’s very important for us to distinguish the fact that marketing is very different from writing and public relations I think it’s very much OK to combine the roles if it’s explicitly stated to begin with however as hiring managers or those creating job descriptions don’t combine the idea without explicitly stating that one will be responsible for both facets they’re just two different skills and while someone would enjoy looking into marketing campaigns and SCO it might not be there top strength to write content or create public relations campaigns so I guess I’ll talk a little bit about how that struggle allowed me to find my niche.

Again I have no problem with the expectation being stated from the very beginning hey you’re probably going to have to accommodate both skills and why not let that be the person who is seeking the jobs decision if they’d like to undertake both because I mean both skills are somewhat interchangeable but again very different it’s always good to be well-rounded which is why I found myself learning both sides of the fence the marketing side and the PR side because again if you can find yourself understanding both worlds you become very marketable however establishing your niche is also crucial letting hiring managers know hey I’m good at this but this is my core strength will allow you to better manage your expectations as you take on various tasks or totally disregard a task or a job overall if you’re not compelled or willing to undertake both skill sets

In my experience I’ve found that it can actually be very time consuming and a bit of burnout can be experienced if job descriptions aren’t explicitly stated in fact it also translate into the world of work when you’re actually in these positions if the actual tests aren’t being explained in a way where you can understand your deliverables for the day or for the week you may have a frustrating time switching in between hats however again it all comes down to clear expectations and management of such tasks.

I would love for someone listening in to reach out to me and let me know if they are managing different skill sets in their roles the craziest thing has been when they try to combine graphic design into marketing know while you may find some very skillful graphic artist who understand marketing finding someone who understands graphic design marketing and PR and one is a gem I just think that niche rules are far more effective than combining all the rules into one imagine someone web designing then writing a press release then studying data then reaching out to potential client then of course drafting that email campaign with a seal I just think that often times focusing on a niche task can be better and more effective than come by compiling everything into one

Of course I’m here to shed some light on my business experiences and there have been instances where I’ve had to do them all however I’ve learned to boldly state where I have my core strength and establishing certain boundaries in what tasks I’m willing to undertake and I really feel as though as a voice of reason in the marketing and public relations community that if you are finding yourself experiencing burnout or the expectation of having to carry out many tasks in multiple field of expertise and maybe you should do some self reflection and see exactly what you think you’re the best that and niche your skill set down

If you’re listening into this podcast I really would love to know if you are a part of the marketing graphic design or PR community or niche group please let me know if you had to undertake any of all any of these tasks all at once it would be really interesting for me to know also do you enjoy doing them off well I understand combining marketing and PR graphic design is a bit of a stretch in my opinion but here maybe you’re a jack of all trades but in my experience it’s hard to master them all I have found that my love for PR and writing has gotten me further ahead and my boldness in stating my love for this niche area has really separated me from the pack again this is just my two cents on what I think about the world of marketing today and all things PR hopefully the shed some light on what’s currently happening in our community again this is a podcast to encourage women in business so I’m just speaking from my business perspective thank you so much for listening don’t forget to like this podcast rated share it with a friend and of course to live a Grace-filled life follow us on social media lots of love to you all bye-bye

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