March 21, 2022
Episode 6

Episode 6- Knowledge & Expertise Are Not Free.

I hope this episode about knowing worth can inspire someone today and as they journey though their career or anything that life may throw their way.

Episode Script

Hello In All Her Grace Fam!

I’m back!! I know it’s been a while since we last spoke, but welcome back to the podcast. By now, we’ve gotten a feel for the pace of this year. We should have an idea whether it will be good, bad or somewhere in between kind of year. But hey! Don’t use that as any judgement of how your year might actually turn out.

During my time away, alot of cool things happened, including the fact that I turned 27! I dont know why, but I have had nothing but postive feelings about this year. I have learned alot, I have felt nothing but excitement for what is to come.

Thank you to everyone that had nothing but postive and encouraging words for me this year! I feel the success and happiness already!!

If you’re not already supporting me on Instagram @raegansdaley then consider doing so! You would have seen the cute set up from my outdoor picnic with friends that I did for my birthday. One of the best moments to date and probably one of the most memorable moments for a birthday experience.

One word of advice I have for us this year and I mean, anyone listening to this podcast is to treat yourself kindly and understand the value you hold.

To know your worth is to stand on it. Everything you do this year is going to either set you up for success or hinder you from it. You’re always ONE decision away from your best life.

Now, the way I’d like to bless you in this podcast episode is by what they like to say in culture, putting you up on game. And the way I’m going to do this is by giving you some advice as you navigate this life and the ventures you may undertake this year.

Remember when you wanted everything you have now? It was definitely by some form of knowledge or expertise I’m sure that led you to having all the things that you now have. Remember how you wanted that job, or insight on how to better your instagram page, maybe someone helped you with your resume, or taught you how to take public transportation. Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge. Now, some information and the exchange of such information can definitely be accepted with grace and a smile, with not too much in return but guys, NOT ALL KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERTISE IS FREE.

Hence, if you’re meant to pass on what you currently have acquired or learnt, especially skills why should that be free?

There’s a famous saying that goes, nothing in this life is free. Hence, whether it be a monetary compensation or some form of exchange of time and value, please do not allow anyone to use and abuse your talents this year.

I learnt this in my first year of business, 50% DEPOSITS or, that client will probably wait forever. Why? Because I know my worth. I dont or should not have to convince myself or anyone for that matter why I’m worth my price OR why I shouldn't require deposits before getting started. 

Not to mention anyone that’s working at an internship right now, for FREEEEE? Now, that has to be one of my biggest pet peeves. I do NOT appreciate anyone that is in a hiring position and not paying someone. Why would you do that. No stipend, no lunches? Nothing, just working for an exchange of time, and “value” and even so, valuable skills do not FEED PEOPLE. Please let me know, if you're currently working for free? If so. please stop. There are OTHER internships im sure that will pay you.

I just feel as though if it’s not some kind of monetary exchange, then you have to be improving in value in some way through this experience, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. 

It’s 2022. There are so many ways for us to increase our value through, Youtube, online courses and seminars or simply tuning into someone’s FREE IG live session, why in the WORLD would you intern for free?

Well, that’s my litte rant about improving your worth and value, I hope this helps someone. Let’s power through the remainder of January and get to our goals!

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Enjoy your week and live a grace-filled life.

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