March 21, 2022
Episode 8

Episode 8- The Caption Girl

I hope this story on how things have been going in my entrepreneurial journey thus far can inspire you to pursue your dreams too.

Episode Script

Hello in all her grace fam welcome back to the podcast so we’re now on episode eight of season one and this is so insane because I actually do not have a script written for this episode and I think it’s because I’m gonna be talking about something that I’m so passionate about that I feel as though I can really speak off the top of my head where this is concerned and it’s up bout my business the caption girl public relations so my business got started about two years ago and it emerged in between what I like to call a rock and a hard place but more like a soft place though because really when I think about it I knew that this was something I wanted to do so that’s soft inside feeling was you know gearing me up towards creating something very special and unique to me but when I think of the rock part of it I think it’s more so like the indecision you know like should I go ahead and start a business am I an entrepreneur am I built for this life and so you know sometimes life does present us with these moments of indecision but really and truly it’s more so you know you can do this but will you get started though anyway this episode - episode eight is going to be about the Caption Girl

 so often times I’m referred to as the Caption Girl in that’s because I have formed a business where I happen to do a lot with writing and editing and public relations related activities really so when you think of the caption girl and you break down exactly what the business is Monica/you know name means it really is someone who is a boss someone who is excited about the work that she does someone who loves people and loves facilitating the personal branding needs of these people I am someone who enjoys writing someone who enjoys editing loves words that’s really what the caption girl stands for and that someone happens to be mean so apart from the couch and girl being my personal brand and the business and the business portion of it would be the capture of the public relations a lot of what I do requires me to show up online and you know show my personal brand and as a result of that I’ve had to really deep dive into what personal branding means for me as an individual singers a lot of people come to me to figure out what their personal brand is and so it took about a year to really define what the caption girl as a personal brand and as a business meant to me and you know I feel like every day is a work in progress to kind of decipher the ins and outs of what it is that I’m called to do and I really enjoy what I do I can start there by saying you know if you are still deciding and trying to figure out 

what your personal brand is what it means and how you want it to manifest make sure it’s something that you love make sure something you enjoy make sure it’s something that you get up every day and you’re fond of you’re excited about and I actually love I want to say that every day is a seamless day or a day where I’m you know always ready to put on my caption girl face it’s never always that easy but I would say nine times out of 10 I am always ready you know and I think that 10% is the days where maybe you’re burnt out maybe you’re tired maybe you’re just not feeling the way that you know you need to feel and that given moment you know you can do a self reflection on you set an you are kind of introspective and maybe you’re just not 100% and that’s OK I’ve learned that that’s OK I’ll are used to think that I needed to be always on and biotic mean online on a script on task on time you know sometimes we’re just not having that day and it’s it’s not our fault and we need not you know be upset about it either so we’re that’s concerned I really want us to be patient and to learn to admire our downfalls and the things that make us unique in the process as we do develop Our personal brands so they said the caption girl is about two years old and I love everything about what I do it’s very multifaceted shows up in different ways each day sometimes I am required to write sometimes I’m required to speak sometimes I’m required to edit and honestly it’s it’s something I’m just really passionate about but as I said on this podcast we’re going to be unraveling a lot of who I am as well and just as her in all her grace the podcast is a part of who I am and you know kind of the life that I am creating for myself I’m also interested in other things so not just the professional side and the career side of my business I love speaking hands my podcast and who is the tell there might be some other interesting ventures that I get into in the very near future so yeah I think I can see that I enjoy 

where I’m at right now and I love the work that I do I am happy to have worked with so many different individuals small businesses big businesses and I’m just excited to see what else the caption girl will bring for me there are endless possibilities when it comes on to what I can do and I’m just in a space right now where I’m thanking God for how much I’ve already been able to see and I really look forward to everything else that I’m going to be able to two I’ll have big dreams for the caption girl I really see myself continuing in this field for quite some time I’m not sure where it will lead but I know how far it’s brought me and I I’m just excited to be in year two and to really just dive into it the one thing I can say that I’ve realized though is the importance of giving yourself grace as you develop into the world of entrepreneurship know two days are the same no two weeks are the same and as you shift gears and figure out what it is that you’re meant to do sometimes you’re going to have to pause sometimes you’re going to have to self reflect and again I spoke about it but that introspection can lead you to the deep parts of yourself and of course the decision making that then becomes needed as you develop as an entrepreneur I’m a young entrepreneur I’m only two years into this and they say between your five and your 10 is where things get really interesting right so I think from you know a perspective of a young entrepreneur I’m gonna look back at this episode and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be able to relate to this younger version of of me and I’m just so excited to see what five years it will look like 10 years it will look like I just I just know that this is the year of alignment if you follow the caption girl on Instagram you’ll actually see that I did get the T-shirts made is actually a thing that I usually do every year I get a T-shirt made and I usually have a quote that inspires my ear and I’m here to which is this year is the year of alignment for me and I’m very excited to see how things align and continue to align and I am very passionate and excited about my business and I love nothing more than to bring it here to the podcast and talk to you guys a little bit about it and you know a little bit about how much I love what I do so if you’re not following the caption girl on Instagram which is my personal brand and business I do encourage you to check what’s going on over there a visit [thecaptiongirl.com](http://thecaptiongirl.com/) currently I am re-branding my website so probably in the next month or so I won’t really put a date on it will have a brand new website with so many cool things on there guys I I can’t begin to explain there’s also going to be a section specifically for in all her grace so they’ll be able to I guess live together but kind of coexist in the same space I can’t wait for you guys to see it honestly it’s gonna be really cool anyway.

 I think that kind of describes my love for what I do and you know as a communications consultant as a business owner as a Podcaster as a woman in PR there’s a lot that goes into this world and I just hope I can inspire someone to go out and try some thing that she loved doing you never know where it will land you either way I hope you enjoy this podcast episode where I talk a little bit about my where I talked a little bit about my personal brand and business the caption girl and I really hope to see you guys on episode nine we are closing out the season I can’t believe this in about 2 to 3 weeks will be on season two I am excited I’m really excited on what’s to come and in the interim go ahead and follow @in all her Grace on Instagram and don’t forget to like comment and share this podcast to friends family works already so have a wonderful week and don’t forget to live a grace filled life

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