March 21, 2022
Episode 5

Episode 5 - The Great Resignation & A Happy New Year

Happy 2022! And cheers to all the new beginnings. Wishing nothing but blessings to everyone this year!! Cheers.

Episode Script

In All Her Grace fam! I think I’m actually gonna stick with that. Happy New Year!! Yes, we’re 2022. The year of breakthrough, for everything. I literally name and claim my years at the beginning. Last year, 2021 was the year of alignment. Believe me when I say, so much aligned last yeat or realigned might I add, and I needed it to.

What did yall do for New Years? 2022, started off very calm for me, very reflective and I liked that. I saw the most beautiful fireworks from my room. No complaints! I also had so much fun over the Christmas period with a friend of mine from college! Wow, God is so gooood. I’m just happy i’m safe, Covid free and ready to take on the new year!

On this episode 5, of The In All Her Grace Podcast, we’re gonna chat a little bit about something that I’d like to thing was inevitable. Inevitable in soooo many ways

Today’s topic manifested in the greatest ways last year and went viral in most professional spaces like LinkedIn,Twitter, and even on Instagram called “The Great Resignation” 

Now you guys, please do not tell me you didnt see this coming!?

 I did, becuase left and right, people were and still are so weary! Imagine being sick and tired, some literally sick from Covid and then being underpaid and underappreciated at your job too?! COME ONNNN.

Essentially, The Great Resignation encapsulates all the feelings of being fed up with your workspace, job, place of work and simply resigning to pursue something that you believe worked out better for you, your life and you work-life balance.

I mean seriously guys, what did some of these employers expect? Work is already “work” as the name suggests, but imagine working under conditions that were burdensome, unforgiving, filled with micromanagement, no incentives for good work, no upward mobilty or training, no continuous learning opportunities or certifications? It’s like the modern day definition of slavery with pay. I AM a big and firm advocate for the removal of self from spaces like this!! GET UP AND GET ON!!! 

If this is any encouragement, NOTHING in the world of work is guaranteed. Whether you work for yourself or you work for a company, nothing is promised. In some organizations, you’re here today, gone tomorrow. In some days in entrepreneurship the client pays on time, sometimes you’re chasing down invoices. Maybe your client drops you suddenly, or if youre offereing a product, people are dissatisfied with their purchase!!

Everything is a risk, and some way, some how, I found more beauty in managing my own levels of risk by working for myself, than investing in a company that treated me poorly and did not value me as an employee. I always tell people, you’ll know when to go and you’ll know when to stay! THE VERY MOMENT you feel as thoough you are overcompensating for a job, it could be time to gooooo. Literally go!!

A few months back, I was browsing LinkedIn, the jobs section of course, because fun fact and hack, I pick up a lot of independent contractor roles from this space. LinkedIn is the plug! Seriously and I saw a job description and which said" Must be willing to work under pressure and high-stressful environments" and I stopped and I stared and the bit of anxiety that sometimes activated within me began to cringeeeee. WHAT DID THAT JUST SAY?

And we look at it and we laugh to ourselves like, I’m superwoman or I’m superman, that doesnt scare me, I just need the money at this point..

And we... here’s the big word. OVER COMPENSATE for a job that promised us these feelings of stress, anxiety and in some cases, dispair. Now, what can we do to better our job search? Maybeeeee some of this could have prevented the great resignation? Who knows.. and maybe in some cases as job seekers we did our due diligence in looking through the requirements and the job culture and environment literally FAILED US. But, never the less make sure you review the job description THOROUGHLY, invest time in researching the company, the CEO, the values and of course, interview your hiring manager toooooo. Ask them why the last peron left, ask them some of the expectations of you!! ask them what their core values are and how do they expect employees to embody that, daily.

We honestly don't all start of as owners, CEOs or founders, and some people WONT ever get there, because of their preference or choice, but I implore you to set yourself up for success in 2022 by accepting only what you know you deserve in everrrryyy aspect of life, including our work life. I mean, think about it, we dedicate sooo much time to our careers anyway?! So why not?

Cheers to all those that kissed there sorry jobs goodbye and resigned between last year, or even into this year and chose a path that better matched their work-life balance. The road was never promised to be easy, but with GOD, all things are possible. Let me know some of the ways your life has changed during this pandemic, did you resign your job, were you laid off even? Did you finally start your business? Maybe you resigned from your job years agoooo and this is your 5th or 10th year as a business owner, What’s the tea sis?!!!

I cant wait to hear all about it. 

Again, Happy New Year to you all!!

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Enjoy your week and live a grace-filled life.

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