March 21, 2022
Episode 4

Episode 4 - The undoing - Unraveling from the old you

I unravelled from things and thoughts that no longer served me, and found peace in the process. Intentional practices can change every day life.

Episode Script

Ou wee! This episode is quiteee timely as we get closer and closer to the end of this year and I'll get into why.

Hey hey In all her Grace Fam, welcome back to the podcast! Can you believe we're already at episode 4? By the time you would have been listening to this episode, it would have been a few days leading up to Christmas 2021. 

I dont even have a Christmas tree up yall, but I have a wreath haha! I guess that's as spirited as I'll be this year. I mean seeing that we havent had a near normal past 2 years, I guess it's understandable why I dont have too much prepped for this year. 

I mean I think that has everything to do with how I FEEL TOO.

How you feel can influence alot of the decisions you make. and, let's just say, in 2021, I GOT SICK OF ME and some of the decisions and patterns that were causing me more harm than good!!

And I dont mean anything self-destructive in a physical way, but more so, from a emotional and mental standpoint. I was tired of having my boundaries pushed, or my space invaded. Those things.

I was sick of a few of my non-productive habits, I was sick of the self-sabotage, I was sick of the lack of commitment, the selling myself short. ALL OF THAT. And I paid for it in so many waaaays.

Most of 2021, I paid the price of fitting a narrative, that didn't serve me. I wont say I was a different person, but I was definitely not comfortable with how life was turning out. People around me made me feel uncomfortable, I had to let go of a few friendships and even reduce the levels in which those friendships existed too and thats the best way I can explain it. 

I had to really come to terms with the ways in which I let things permeate my mind and life, which overall, really made me feel disqualified from so many things in life and it started to manifest in the choices I would make. I was operating from an all time low this year and I hated it.

So after I got sick of me, and the things that were taking effect in my life, I made the changes necessary. If anyone ever tells you that a situation cannot change, it's because they haven't spoken to the right person or they haven't explored all their options just yet. Things can change!

Circumstances can change, but you have to MOVE differently. Ever heard that you cant expect different results doing the same thing. Well, it's just facts.

In a lot of ways, I felt like I had to come undone. And that can be very scary and very unsettling. I was so used to me and the things that made me, me, the patterns, the tendencies. It was hard to change. One practice that has been hard for me to curtail has been impulse shopping, for example. I've been trying to change that about me. There are so many more things that I'm changing, like the times I communicate with clients. Nothing after 7:00 PM can get me to talk about work. It's a thing called boundaries, which I really wish I knew more about before.

How are you undoing things towards the end of this year to show up better for you? Unraveling from the old you can literally make you sick. It made me scared actually, to look at myself differently, to shed the old, and embrace the new. Everyday is a test it seems on how to be better at coming undone from the things that no longer serve me.

How's that for food for thought, as we close out this year.

I guess the next time we'll be checking in is after Christmas and the new year so hey! Cheers to all that when it comes. Hug on your loved ones and your family! Let them know just how much you love them!!

Happy Holidays to those who celebrate and Happy New year when it comes.

Let's goooooo all of 2022. Geee! Let's make this one of THE BEST YEARS EVER. Because we deserve it!

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Share this podcast episode with a friend! Share your thoughts in the comments. Rate this podcast and I will see youuuuu in 2022.

Enjoy your week and live a grace-filled life.

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