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5 Ways to Keep Falling in Love With Your Professional Self | Personal Brand

Last Updated: May 05, 2022

Here we have it, the day the world celebrates love, Valentine's Day!

Or as most trendy blogs these day refer to it, "Galentine's Day!"

"Galentine's," I suppose refers to the women being celebrated and loved on, right? (I think this should be every day! But hey, that's a whole other discussion.)

Well, alright ... lets dive right into what I have to share.

Since we are in the month that celebrates love, I figured this would be a perfect time to breakdown ways to continue the self improvement process. Hence the title, 5 Ways to Keep Falling in Love With Your Professional Self.

Now, if you still haven't defined what your "professional self" looks like, relax! Neither have I - fully. The truth is, I don't think anyone really has. It's a work in progress for everyone.

What I can say is, MOST have mastered the art of telling how far they've gotten in their professional development, and hence can tell the story very well.

Nevertheless, here are the 5 ways:

1.Continue Networking: I'd say your immediate friend group definitely has a threshold amount that would be considered "acceptable," for anyone's peace of mind. For me, that number is 5.

I have 5 really close friends, the rest acquaintances. Then, the BIGGER network of professional/personal peers. These are people that I've either met socializing, or through work, or at an event. STILL very CRUCIAL and important people in my life, but they wont know the nitty gritty nuances of my life that I share with a best friend for instance. Having a strong network of peers is very important to perpetuating your self love process. It allows you to syndicate your value, amidst all these newly formed relationships; reminding you of self-worth! You have value to offer to these relationships and you should believe in that!

2. Show Up for Yourself: Without doubt, the HARDEST one on this list, and one I'm still working on. For this, your future self will thank you later.

Showing up for yourself, is the art of ensuring you stay true to all your commitments, whether verbal (over the phone), via email, or physical (in person), so that you become trusted and reliable. I for one would rather not show up, ever, to anything. It's just who I am. But, I manage to do it!

And when I do, OH when I do ... It's like the world was waiting for me to step outside my comfort zone. I meet so many new connections and I'm able to really showcase what my personal brand is and feels like to others.

3. Reflect On How Far You've Come - I encourage that you do this often. And by often, I mean at least monthly. You'd be surprised how many wins you've gained in 30 days! I'm very guilty of not celebrating how far I've come and I often never give myself enough credit. When in fact I'm winning all round! This is an excellent confidence booster for your personal / professional brand!

4. Celebrate Your Wins - And this leads into my next point. ACTUALLY celebrate. That's right, "treat yo self!" (lol) - I just had to. But I mean that. If you've already deducted your monthly expenses, saved and allocated taxes - if possible, take yourself out! Take a friend out, go shopping! Live the life you deserve. This will have such a positive effect on your life and your future self will thank you for being soooo KIND.

5. Emerge and Evolve - it's this simple. You're never too young or too old to learn! Hence, your personal brand may change over time. Mine surely has. I think by now, I've mastered portions of it, but I'm always ready to learn and adapt.

Well, there you have it!

The point of this list folks, is to make each a habit. Repetition promotes habit, and habits stick! If you consider these for what they are worth, at least ONE, I promise, will have you embracing your personal BRAND with all you've got!

Until next time,

Raegan "The Caption Girl" Daley.

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