6 Months of Travel Taught Me Why a Toxic Work Culture isn't Worth your Peace of Mind

I've always known this.

There's always been a voice in my head which reminded me that, "Raegan, you're meant for more."

This not only applies to me, but to just about everyone who has become a work hog, unappreciated, overworked, depressed or even demotivated in their current job/role/position.

I implore you today to realize, YOU are MADE FOR MORE!

Even seeing myself write this, I get so consumed with happiness because I'm reminded that I AM made for more every day. You too, should be obsessed with the idea that if something no longer serves you in a fulfilling way, then you will no longer serve it.

Through favor and constant reflection, I am reminded that I've been chosen to share a lot of my light, (and by light, I mean experiences), with the world and a lot of which presented itself in 2019 through travel.

I really was to share this article with you all at the end of 2019, but we ALL know how quickly that wrapped up.

Nevertheless, BETTER late than NEVER.

I travelled to 7 countries in the past 6 months to see what I could evoke from the experience. After eliminating myself from one of the most toxic work environments imaginable, I was able to see my purpose for what it really was. I was called to share with the world, to advise, to encourage and lastly to help people become the best version of themselves through constant reflection and self-branding.

After leaving my job, where... might I add... they discussed topics like, race, politics and even suicide, I realized that God wanted more for ME. I felt it deep down that I had NO reason being in an environment like that any longer. My own boss told me that this job was of disservice to me, and I believed her, far more now, than before.

Looking back, I am amazed I worked in that space for as long as I did. Let's just say, no sooner than I left that space, I managed to visit 7 countries in 6 months. Literally, the concept of #MadeForMore really began to kick in. I looked at myself often, saying, "WHO ARE YOU?"

Well the one thing I did know was, I was made for MORE. I was made for this.

In the latter half of 2019 I visited, Cuba, Aruba, Costa Rica, The United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands and Finland.

How's that for a handful of places? 😃

Honestly, if someone had told me I'd see and learn so much about myself, my professional worth, or even my PEACE in such a short time frame, I would have cried out "LIES LIES and MORE LIES!" Not to mention being afforded the opportunity to connect with so many people across multiple nations. Oh divine intervention, how I was moved!! Please note: I did NOT start my year with the intent to see all the countries I did. The one thing I knew I wanted to see was snow for the first time and THAT I did!

Oh Denver, how I miss you. You must be so cold now.

Every other trip felt LIKE A BONUS that God placed into my life.