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Being Intentional with your Personal/Professional Brand in 2020

Last Updated: May 17, 2022

There was a time where I thought personal branding was entirely different from professional branding. Let's just say, I have learned a lot since then. Just as how there’s a thin line between love and hate, imagine an even thinner line being between personal and professional branding.

In 2019 and going into 2020, NOW more than before; YOU have to be WHO you say you are.

By this I mean, you have to learn how to be intentional with your brand online and offline, in person AND over the phone, not to mention through email or at a networking event.

Hence, always show up how you are ready to be remembered.

Each time you show up to represent your personal brand, you have made a commitment to yourself and must adhere to who that person is. Think of yourself as a living, breathing, walking and interacting molecule - that is your personal/professional brand.

Once you decide to ACTIVELY and INTENTIONALLY take your personal brand as seriously as you do your professional career, the easiest part follows - each becomes one and the same!

That IS the ultimate goal.

Your PERSONAL BRAND should say so much about the person you are, that PEOPLE WANT TO WORK with you!

Please note: People buy into the personal experience more so than the product/service.

Think Apple!

The reason why lines of people end up outside of Apple when a new product launches is because this company has mastered selling an experience. (*Haha* They wont tell you this though!)

In any case, this alignment does not happen overnight. It takes a certain level of discipline. commitment and purposefulness.

I have thought about how to become more intentional with my personal/professional brand all year. Believe me, it has been a learning curve of sorts! But, once you really decide on becoming intentional with this, it becomes hard to separate the two.

I’ve had to realign the way and manner in which I post on social media because of how seriously I have decided to position both personal/professional brand. Recently, I have been asked, "how do you manage to remain yourself, while still showing the world your professional side?”

While I am still mastering this process, I have found one main strategy that works, and that is being who you say you are.

By no means does this mean you have to CHANGE who you are. And if you must, then the adjustment should not have to be too severe, where you no longer feel yourself. (If so, you may not be the industry that truly matches your purpose.)

My personal brand is still fun, exciting and adventurous, but very much means business and provides meaningful information about personal branding.

Without keeping your personal/professional career in line, you won’t be able to be who you say you are, and this is why aligning prior to 2020 is SO IMPORTANT.

In order to show up online and in person as the professional you say you are, it takes work.

You have to be intentional with yourself and your brand and this takes a level of courage and accountability. Walking in purpose also allows you to talk with purpose and defend the person who you say you are.

Not only does this allow people to trust your credibility, when you show up as the same person online as in person, but you will also start feeling more confident with yourself and your brand!

That about wraps it up!

Comment down below how you plan to intentionally and purposefully show up for yourself and your brand in 2020!

Until next time,

Raegan "The Caption Girl" Daley.

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