Business-Minded Introverts Have The Most Fun

Updated: Jul 21

I enjoy social interactions with others and of course the thrill of generating meaningful conversations in groups. However, for as long as I've studied and known myself, I always needed to take moments between social interactions to recharge.

My closest friends who know me well can tell you about my anxiety. It's like the best friend I didn't ask for, but, we happen to find ways to co-exist.

I thought something was genuinely wrong with me, until I did some research on introverted qualities and what that can look like and how it may present itself. It is perfectly normal not to enjoy socializing all the time and to take moments away to regroup.

As much as I love interacting with others on a consistent basis, sometimes, my anxiety is triggered. However, I know that it's part of who I am and also part of what makes me do what the work I do. I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit and although my anxiety tries to work against me, it also works in my favor when challenging myself with new tasks.

Needless to say, I'm a business-minded introvert and although my anxiety tries to find ways to hinder me, I have FUN with it!

Hopefully after this article, you can find ways to have fun with any of your "short-comings."

I learned the power of laughter this year!

LAUGH at yourself and do it heartily. I'm not asking you to indulge in self-ridicule or criticism, but allow yourself to be laughed at BY YOU.

With that, you can grow from all that may go wrong and not be so hard on yourself.

Often times, there is a negative connotation associated with being introverted. People label people who are introverted as being, “emo,” which is short for emotional, or depressed.

When in fact, this is not necessarily true. There's nothing wrong with enjoying your own company, a little more than you do the company of others. And NO, I'm not being mean, but let's be real, people can be entirely draining. We all have a social meter and believe me, there are days when you NEED to recharge.

In the world of business, people are key players. They can make or break the way forward and it is imperative to be prepared for all your business conversations. Low energy DOES show and so does disinterest. So, in order to for ME to have more fun in MY work, while offsetting anxiety, I allow myself to become centered in thought, prior to diving in.

Balance is a key component of life and in order to be successful at everything we try our hands at, we need to be able to balance our commitments and our social interactions, without losing sight of ourselves.

According to an article on entitled, “Hey, it’s okay to be an introvert,” There is, “no such thing as a pure extrovert or pure introvert.”

The article then went on to explain qualities that introverts identify with: