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How to Redirect your Energy - 4th Quarter Blues

Last Updated: May 05, 2022

Finishing strong is never easy. However, it's very essential for you to consider maximizing the remainder of your year to fulfill purpose. I've been thinking of a few ways to remain focused and energized as we approach this final lap.

I don't know about you, but with 2020 being less than 3 months away, there is absolutely NO time to waste. So gather 'round, here are a few tips I can share about how to consider finishing 4th quarter with a bang!

1. Stick to your schedule / routine - As much as you possibly can, maintain the effective routine that got you this far. It's never too late to make slight adjustments to accommodate last minute meetings or networking events, but I like to say, if it's been working, don't try to fix it! Following through on responsibilities is probably one of the most fulfilling things for me, and happens to work best when I follow my schedule closely! Life is already very chaotic, so why not stick to something that's been proven to work.

2. Hold yourself accountable - If you don't do it, I will 🌚There's no greater self- sabotage than not holding yourself accountable. If you set out to do something, do it! Set reminders, give yourself deadlines, avoid distractions, don't reward yourself if you set yourself up for failure. You don't get away with what everyone else does, because that's not what you talked with yourself about! Simply put, "don't play yourself!"

3. Avoid hasty decision making - High anxiety can cause us to make irrational decisions that end up compromising the plan, that was already ordained to be successful. We live in such an instant gratification based society that sounds like, "I want my money and I want it now," that we end up missing out on the beauty of uncertainty and on the lessons we were suppose to learn in the "slow" seasons. Fourth quarter blues tends to manifest in many ways, so avoid getting caught up!

4. Keep your cool - Easier said than done, I know. When you have high pressure deadlines, meetings, family obligations and friends who NEVER see you, asking to follow up via. FaceTime ... and the list goes on, it almost seems impossible to balance everything. Yes, I'm still asking you to keep your cool! With all that comes along with operating a business, and pursuing a Master's degree, I try to find ways to keep it cool, by reading, playing indie music, writing, meditating or binge watching a series. It is imperative to cultivate the time to be at peace, after all, there's always a reason to take care of self.

5. Finish strong - You've already started, so there's nothing left to do but to finish, with all the energy and resilience you have left! If you're spiritual, this would be an excellent time to consider meditation, however you see fit. Check in on those resolutions you wrote in January! Yes, I AM CALLING YOU OUT! Where's that vision board you designed? Get it out. It's never too late to get started on your dream or to finish up on a project you already started!

Fun fact: Writing this LinkedIn article was a January 2019 goal of mine! 😉Look at me finishing strong! See you in my next article.



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