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How to Remain Positive During A Pandemic

Last Updated: May 05, 2022

I cannot express how many times I have had to take my mood into my own hands in the past 7 weeks.

Talk about quarantine blues!

I've had to set my mood by listening to positive, lively or inspirational music. I also have burnt my Bath and Body Work candles to a small wick. Painting has been my new normalcy after work and Netflix is probably very tired of seeing me log in.

One thing I've really learned this quarantine, is that the mind is powerful. More so now in this time of uncertainty, than ever before.

Whenever I am working on a project, or powering through one of these LinkedIn articles, I remind myself why I started. The "why" factor really carries you through more than you know and helps you to remain positive, that better days are on the way.

I also find that I listen to music a lot! God bless the musicians, artistes and composers for putting out the art they do. This injects a new found positivity in me as well.

While everyday tasks during this quarantine period can be tedious, boring and even frustrating at times, there is nothing good music and a grateful spirit cannot fix.

According to Buffer Social’s online website, “ambient noise can improve creativity.”

The article explained that, “a moderate noise level is the sweet spot for creativity. Even more than low noise levels, ambient noise apparently gets our creative juices flowing, and doesn’t put us off, the way high levels of noise do.”

I usually turn on some indie-pop music that has a great tempo and an inspirational message whenever I am overwhelmed with negative, stressful emotions - which tend to want to creep up at times like this. I instantaneously find peace in meditating to music like this.

I have seen my father meditate to music before and this is where I learnt the art. I watched him set up musical equipment before events and just in his personal time, for his own leisure. As a result, I know a lot about the power of music.

Cheers to good music, better days and of course embrace all the emotions that come with this period of our lives.

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