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Try Not To Think About The COVID19 Virus, Too Much.

Last Updated: May 05, 2022

In light of #COVID19 outbreak and the intense preparations everyone has been undertaking at this time, I figured I'd share a few ways all of us can keep calm and (try to) carry on at this time.

I would like to encourage us to use this time wisely. Try to avoid the pandemonium, the #fakenews and the chaos. While the NEWS is and will always be a great place to receive information, it is important that we take moments away from the overwhelming information to rest and reflect.

Plan to fill your time with wholesome, meaningful tasks that not only enhance your pre-existing skills, but help you to learn new ones. Think of this as an opportunity for you to spend time spent with self, instead of "self-isolation."

Life really is too short to be worried.

Now, I say this with a grain of salt because thousands have died from this disease and my heart is with the families of those who have lost loved ones from this viral disease.

What I really want us to remember is we're all world citizens who need to spend our efforts combating this together, and frantic behavior, worry or panic, will not make this pandemic disappear. Hence, let's do what we can by staying inside, washing our hands, disinfecting, sanitizing and reflecting if possible.

Making travel preparations is a superb way to avoid immediate stress factors.

I know we all love the feeling of booking a ticket to some place, however, now is NOT the time.

Stay inside, realign, revisit your goals, connect with your family and take an account of life. According to the official Family Doctor website, here are some great ways to deal with stressful situations, as a result of life's many challenges:

1. Try not to worry about things you can’t control

2. Solve the little problems. This can help you gain a feeling of control.

3. Try to look at change as a positive challenge, not as a threat.

4. Exercise on a regular basis.

5. Eat regular, well-balanced meals and get enough sleep.

6. Meditate.

As simple as these seem, they each have a more profound meaning for what we all may be experiencing at this time.

Stay safe, stay inside, and we shall reconnect soon.

Until next time,

Raegan "The Caption Girl" Daley.

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